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  Portable steel buildings

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Portable steel buildings are a new innovation in the Baltic States market; however, due to their advantages, they are widely used and more often preferred over traditional building solutions by European, American, and other countries. Pre-engineered building designs allow us to complete a project in a minimal amount of time.

Possible uses:

  • Aircraft hangars;
  • Permanent and temporary buildings for storage;
  • Storage of bulky and other goods in the harbors;
  • Helicopter and airplane hangars in airports;
  • Production facilities;
  • Sports complexes, tennis courts, ice arenas;
  • Relocatable halls for various events;
  • Mobile hangars for exhibitions and expositions;
  • All other household-commercial activity.

Advantages of portable structures:

  • Mobile; can be fitted and dismantled during a short period of time, as well as transferred/reconstructed on another indicated site;
  • Does not require a foundation;
  • Does not require skylights or windows, because roof cover is produced from light translucent white PVC material and the color of hall walls can be chosen from the color palette;
  • PVC awning does not rust and does not react while storing chemical substances, in comparison with steel covered hangars;
  • The hangar, because it is covered with PVC material, remains completely impermeable under the maintenance in extreme conditions of wind and snow loads, because the cover is welded into one-piece sheet;
  • Easy to repair in case of technical damages to the PVC material;
  • Snow does not block the light, because it does not stick to the PVC roof;
  • Possibility for placing your company logo of your chosen size on any part of the hangar;
  • Maintenance guarantee of the PVC-material extends more than 25 years and the cover can be replaced with a new one at any time.



24 x 80 x 4.5
25 x 51 x 4
6 x 12 x 4.5
Furniture warehouse
Warehouse for packing materials
Portable garage (insulated)
Timber storage hall (double layer)
Hangar for timber storage
Hall for machinery and equipment storage
Hall for row material storage
Hall for equipment storage
Machinery warehouse