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  Tensioned membrane structures

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Tensile fabric structures is architecture of new generation as well as possibility to supplement traditional architectural solutions. Tensioned membrane material is considered to be the fifth construction element after metal, stone, glass, and concrete. Solutions of architecture textile have been applied just recently not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole world, therefore lately the popularity of them is growing.

Tensile membrane structures are used as:

  • stadiums, sports facilities, exhibition halls, business centers, concert halls and etc.;
  • shade roofs of the entrance of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial buildings;
  • airport roofs, bus, train stations and terminals, car parking and gas stations;
  • other permanent or temporary structures.

Singularities of architecture textile structures:

  • aesthetic image and luxurious tone -Architects fit textile structures to a specific environment or building, therefore each project becomes individual. Structures are easy to combine and coordinate with other materials, such as wood, glass, stainless steel structures, connections, as well as cables, and since the material used is light translucently, incredibly attractive and luxurious image of the structure is obtained if properly arrange illumination of the structure.
  • durability - Special PVC, PVDF or Teflon layer covered materials, which does not attract dust can be used for these structures, so aesthetic image does not change for more than 25 years.

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