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  Party tents & pavilions

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Partytents - party buildings are well known products in the world. The customer has a wide variety of choices, based on their price range.  The party tents produced by our company are known for their high quality.  Advanced technology, high quality materials, as well as the most rational deign-engineering solutions are used for production. These solutions offered by our company produce an aesthetic image, convenient maintenance, and long-term durability of the pavilions.


  • exhibitions and expositions;
  • presentations of organizations;
  • various festivals, markets, events, etc.


  • mobile, can be set-up or town-down during a short period of time, as well as transferred/reconstructed on a different location;
  • does not require foundation;
  • does not require skylights and windows, because roof is made of light translucent white PVC material;
  • it is easy to repair in case of technical damages to the PVC material;
  • possibility for placing your company’s logo on any part of the tent (you choose the size!).

Tents and pavilions, prices »


Square paviljon 8x8 (aluminum frames)

Pavilions 5m x 5m and 6m x 9m »
Tent 4m x 4m »
Pavilion 6m x 3m »
Tent 3m x 3m »
Pavilion 6m x 12m »
Pavilion 10m x 21m »
Coca Cola »
Kalnapilis »
Ingman Vega »
Juros svente »
Ragutis »
Utenos alus »
Vilke »