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  Inflatable buildings

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The main advantage of inflatable buildings in comparison to traditional solutions is our low prices and fast delivery terms, which we are able to provide because  they do not require steel or wooden supporting construction and they are easily dismantled without help from specialists, e.g. for summer season or other reasons.

Air supported structures mostly used:

  • for for tennis courts, water-pools, golf courses, ice arenas, football fields, and other sports facilities;
  • can also be used for permanent and temporary storage of bulk goods and other supplies, or inflatable shelters.


  • low price;
  • there are no frames or supported columns inside of the structure, even in the case of large-scale overall dimensions of the structure;
  • energy-saving, as the awning of the whole structure is produced from light translucent PVC material;
  • able to be set-up or dismantled in a very short period of time for the summer season or other reasons;
  • it is easy to repair in case of technical damages to the PVC material.


Airdome (soccer field)
Inflatable structure (air supported tennis court)
Air inflated tennis court
Air supported tennis structure
Air inflated tennis court
Inflatable structure for industrial usage